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Pondering Making a Difference; Preparing for College to Begin

Standing with the UMSL sign.
Pondering the semester. Preparing to make a difference.

I spent most of the day on campus today pondering new opportunities to make a difference. So many images on social media showing the first day of school for children in the primary school, and a few high schoolers who allowed parents to capture the day. College students join them as everyone embarks upon a new journey - a fresh, new year of learning. And for professors it is a new year of teaching.

I am excited to see our UMSL PRSSA students, our PR Certificate students, and all of the students who will soon get to know me for the first time.

All of this means that for me, summer is over. I know, I know, it is still August (definitely a summer month if you look at the calendar.) My sunflowers are standing tall. I just love seeing them every day.

Sunflower taller than shed
Mammoth Sunflowers really are mammoth. #tallerthantheshed

I accomplished quite a bit this summer (drip irrigation, quilting, launched a blog and built a website. Oh yeah, I also made some t-shirts like the one in the picture at the top of the page). Learning new things never ends. If there were only more minutes in the day? So often, I run out of time.

But I missed one beloved activity of past summers - kayaking! Sadly, the floods earlier this year caused damage to many of the areas we visited last year. I wonder if this alligator sculpture survived? The goal for September is to get the kayak in the water somewhere. I do not believe that the park where I found the alligator has reopened yet.

Now it is time to get back to work preparing exams and lessons for the semester. Lots to accomplish. Time is running out. #runningincircles #readytomakeadifference

Alligator sculpture in Missouri
Found this alligator sculpture at 370 Lakeside Park in 2018. I wonder if it survived the Flood of 2019?

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