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Support PRSSA at UMSL

Our small, but mighty PRSSA chapter is blazing new ground as they begin to raise funds for a trip to Nashville in October to attend the PRSSA National Conference.

Well, now students, alumni, and friends can purchase a t-shirt to support our PRSSA chapter at UMSL. You need one, don't you? The fundraiser will only run for 30 days, so make your purchase soon so that the opportunity does not pass you by.

We decided to use a web vendor ( to handle our fundraiser. It does not require us to purchase shirts upfront. This eliminates the need for use to make a decision about sizes, how many to order, and there is no outlay of funds.

One of the things we liked best about Custom Ink is the choices of t-shirt brands, and colors. We were able to select exactly what we wanted.

After the 30 day order period, t-shirts will be printed and shipped. For a shipping fee, students can have the t-shirt sent directly to their home or t-shirts can be sent to UMSL for free. Anyone who has ordered a t-shirt to be shipped to campus can pick it up in mid-April.

We are #UMSLproud. Help us spread the word. Order your t-shirt today! Please share the link with your UMSL friends! And remember, if you are graduating in May, tell your family about this perfect graduation gift. For alums, you can also support your alma mater, too.

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