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Toonly Rocks! So much fun learning to use this tool.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Have you heard of Toonly? If you are in the PR profession, you may have heard that animation is popular among teens and 20-somethings. I discovered Toonly and created this video to promote the Certificate in Public Relations offered by University of Missouri - St. Louis. Special thanks to Mariah Lindsey for the voiceover, and Drew Dubis for the microphone.

The folks at Toonly call them animated explainer videos . . . simply put, they are short, animated video content with a targeted message. My next project will be to build an animated explainer video that illustrates how to use the Associated Press Stylebook. Lol! I hear from students over and over that they are confused by the AP Stylebook. They believe that it is a dictionary.

I should also give a shout out to Wix. I was in the process of learning to use Wordpress, when Wix came to my attention. It was fairly easy to figure out and I am pleased with my little website.

Have you tried any new tools in your role as a public relations practitioner? Note: I pay for both of these systems. This is not a paid endorsement for Wix or Toonly. But rather, feedback from a paid user.

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